Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Jazz

We took Hunter to his first Jazz game on Jan. 25th against the Phoenix Suns. He was decked out in his little Deron Williams jersey and I even tried to give him a mohawk but his hair is too long (and Josh won't let me cut it...)

We ate at the Gateway food court before the game and Hunter ate McDonald's french fries and drank orange Hi-C. Not a very nutritious meal but he loved it (and I gave him something more substantial before we left home - so don't judge me! :P )

When we got to the arena, Hunter was just in awe. He kept looking around at everything and was pointing at all of the lights and the people. We got there just in time for the starting lineups and we thought he would think it was cool with all the lights off and stuff... but he didn't. He looked nervous and wasn't liking all of the loud screaming. As soon as that part was done though, he relaxed and started to enjoy himself again. He was jabbering and pointing and clapping with everyone and was even watching the game! There were a few times that he couldn't see where the ball had gone, so he would lean forward to see where it went! It was so cute! And he just sat on either my lap or Josh's lap and just hung out! He never tried to get down and run around or anything! He was so good!

He made it through 3 quarters but we decided to leave because he was extremely tired (he kept trying to poke his eyeballs out) and the Jazz were losing by 17 at that point. As soon as we were in the concourse area of the arena, the crowd erupted into cheers. The Jazz were making a run! They had cut the lead to 9 as were were walking out of the arena! I gave Josh a look like, "Ah, can't we stay?" and he said,"We need to go, he's so tired." I was bummed but my little man comes first.

We listened to the game on the way home and the Jazz ended up making a comeback and won! :D When we got home, I went to get Hunter out of his car seat and he was SO asleep! His little head was flopped forward (I haven't seen it that bad since he was a little baby) and he was totally out of it. So it was a good thing we left the game when we did.

We all had a fun time and I'm glad that Josh convinced me to take Hunter with us. I had my reservations about taking him but Hunter crushed all of those reservations... He was a little angel and I wouldn't mind taking him again anytime! He's a true Jazz fan in the making! :)


Liverachi said...

He seriously had a blast at the game. Much more than I expected. This kid was born to follow the Jazz. He even joined in the heckling of bad calls. Now I just have to teach him the rules of the game and he is set.

Shelbi Jean said...

That is awesome! Way to go Hunter!!! He will be dribbling any day now. We need to get him his own basketball (his size) maybe the Easter Bunny can manage that one for you... Why can't you cut his hair?

Renee said...

You guys are starting him so early!!! You are all so cute in your Jazz shirts. Love ya, MOM