Sunday, May 24, 2009


For the last few months, every time we hold Hunter in the air on his belly, he kicks his legs - as if he were swimming. I never realized how hilarious it was until we showed our friends / relatives and they always bust up laughing! So, we decided it was time to put Hunter to the test...

Yesterday, we took him swimming for the first time. When Josh put him in the pool, he apparently did not like it at all and started crying (I say "apparently" because I wasn't there when Hunter first got in the pool, as Josh decided to get in without me - I was busy getting the camera ready...) By the time I had the camera ready, Hunter was warming up to the experience. And then after a few minutes, he was LOVING it! He was kicking and splashing and laughing!

I had bought him this crab floating thing and we put him in it. He loved that as well and was even able to kick enough to move himself around in it!

Right before we were getting ready to leave, Josh was holding him and he looked away for a few seconds to check on our belongings. Hunter glanced at me, gave me a nice big smile and then threw his face right into the water! He came back up and was gasping for air and coughing and crying. I felt so bad because there was nothing I could do for him...

After a couple of minutes, he got it all cleared out but he was acting really tired, so we got out of the pool to leave. Just as we did, we heard a whistle blow and they told everyone to get out of the pool. Someone had left a "floater!" So, I guess we picked a good time to leave! :P Although, it doesn't make me feel very good that Hunter was swimming around in the pool for who knows how long with a little terd! Yuck!

Here's a video of him swimming...

Monday, May 18, 2009

The Explosion

It was time to have Hunter try a new fruit, so yesterday afternoon I introduced prunes. He seemed to enjoy them and ate them right up. I thought nothing of this choice... until this morning.

After I fed him, he grunted like he was going poop. I knew that he needed to get in the bath, so I didn't immediately change him because I was eating at the time. After I was done, I got the bath stuff ready to go and went to clean him up before putting him in the bath. I open up the diaper and... HOLY COW! There was an explosion in there! It totally looked like a giant chocolate bar had melted in there!

He was wearing some brand new pj's and the explosion spread to those as well but thankfully, I got the stain out of them. I couldn't help but wonder why he exploded like that, but then I got to thinking... prunes... prunes... why does that sound familiar? Old people... prune juice... hmmmm... OH, DUH!

Google confirmed my realization... I guess I somehow blocked out the fact that prunes make you poop! I called the doctor and she basically said that I should keep Hunter away from prunes for casual eating... but that I could use them in dire situations, i.e. when he's constipated...

When I was searching for answers on Google, I ran across this article (<---click here) and I was laughing hysterically while reading it because it hits the nail right on the head! Hopefully Hunter only has one blow-out and not several like the article mentions... but I guess we have the rest of the day to find out! :P

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Kisses pt. 2

Yesterday morning after I got Hunter out of bed, I asked him if I could have a kiss. He didn't seem too interested, so I figured that he wasn't in the mood to give kisses. As I was grabbing him to take him into the kitchen to get him something to eat, I asked him "Do you want some food?" He looked me straight in the eyes, grabbed the sides of my face and gave me a big kiss! Apparently he was very hungry and appreciated me asking if he wanted some food! :P It was the cutest!

Monday, May 11, 2009


Hunter gave me a kiss today!!! I asked him if I could have a kiss and made a "kissy" sound - not really expecting a reaction. But he grabbed my face with both hands and pulled me towards him! His mouth was open and it looked like he was trying to eat me, but it was the most precious thing ever! I thought that maybe it was a fluke and that he was just hungry or something, but I tried it again throughout the day and he did it like 5 times! I love my little guy so much... and apparently he feels the same way! :D

Baby Einstein

The other day, I turned on a Baby Einstein video for Hunter so I could do a few things on the computer. About half way through the video, the "head, shoulders, knees and toes" song was coming on. Since I have seen/heard the video so many times, I was getting ready to sing the song in my head. But to my surprise, it didn't start singing the familiar words... it started singing in French!!! He had been watching this video in French for like 20 minutes! LOL! He didn't seem bothered by it, so I just let the video finish in French...

Well, I guess it's a good way to introduce different cultures to him... unknowingly! :P

Sunday, May 3, 2009


Hunter had his first taste of fruit yesterday - peaches. I wasn't technically supposed to start him on fruits until the 6th (one month from when he started veggies) but I figured it was close enough. And I wanted to celebrate him turning 7 months old somehow...

I didn't heat them up at all because I figured that they would taste better colder. They were room temperature, so I thought that would taste okay. I gave him his first taste and he didn't really know what to think. I think he was expecting something warm and bland (i.e. veggies) but this was sweet! The first few bites went like this and with the next few bites, he made some pretty funny faces. But after that, he enjoyed them and kept opening his mouth for more.

When it was all gone, I had to try a little taste of the stuff on the side (for those of you who don't know, peaches are my FAV!) I tasted a little of it and it was WAY tangy! So, room temperature peaches = not so tasty peaches! Lesson learned... but at least he liked them!

The Garden

Last Thursday, my mother-in-law came to help me do something with my "garden." I use quotations because it was basically grass with strawberries growing in it... We wanted to save the strawberries that were already growing there because they are so delicious and we don't know what kind they are, so we thought we'd try.

Hunter was so good during the whole process though. He took a nap during the first hour and a half of the work (which he never takes that long of a nap in the morning). Then by the time he woke up, we needed to screw the boards together and so Renee (Josh's mom) did that while I held him. Then we went to get the dirt. He fell asleep on the way there; woke up in the middle of us getting the dirt and then fell asleep again on the way back home.

When we got back, my mom was here because she was going to help watch him while we finished things up. Since he was still asleep in the truck, we figured we would just let him sleep and then all 3 of us could work on the project. Hunter slept through backing the truck up to the back yard, the unloading of the dirt into the garden and then some! By the time he woke up, we were halfway through planting the strawberries! He was hungy, so I went inside to feed him and after he finished, we went back outside and they were done!

So Hunter basically slept through the whole project! What a good little boy! :D