Saturday, January 16, 2010

New Year's 2009

On New Year's Eve, we went quite a few places. The first stop was Josh's parent's house. Hunter and I only stayed there for about an hour while Josh set up his drum set at his friend's house for a little "gig" they were playing for friends and family later that night. After our stop at the grandparent's house, we joined Josh for his "gig."

Hunter LOVES guitars and drums (any musical instrument really...), so he thought it was so awesome that there were both in the same room! AND multiple guitars! Josh let him sit on his lap while he drummed and Hunter helped him hit one of the drums while they played a song. I thought that he wouldn't like all of the loud noise but it didn't phase him one bit. He alternated between smiles and looks of concentration as he helped his daddy drum. It was very cute. See for yourself... :)

After the "gig," we went to our other friend's house. By that time, it was about 9:30pm - way past Hunter's bedtime - but he was still going strong! So we let him play with the other kids while we visited and played "Bunco." Hunter loved ringing the "Bunco" bell! After about an hour of him playing, we decided to get him in bed because he was getting pretty delirious and silly. But surprisingly, he wasn't awnry...

We ended up just hanging out until midnight and when the new year rang in, our friend lit off some roman candle fireworks. Then we played The Simpsons Scene It game and after that, we called it a night.

Hunter had a fun night and I've gotta say that 10:30pm is probably the latest he's stayed up since he was a little baby! I wonder if he could've made it until midnight... hmmm... maybe we'll test it out next year! :P

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Liverachi said...

Hunter is definitely able to stay up a lot later without getting too upset. And he had a lot of fun that night. He is also a born drummer! He knows what to do as soon as he gets the sticks in his hands. We may just have to organize the second bedroom and setup the drums in there so he can go at it more often.