Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Happenings of Hunter

Wow, I haven't posted in 2 months... how in the world do I sum up 2 months of Hunter's life? Well, it's not going to be easy - and it will require a long post. Prepare yourself...

I finally flipped his car seat around to face forward. He was getting to the point where he would fight me every time I tried to put him in the car, so I figured it was time - plus, he has been able to consistently stay above 20 pounds over the past few months, so that helped my decision too. He absolutely loves it. Every time we start to drive fast or Josh takes a corner a little too fast, he says, "WEEE!"

The last week or so, Hunter and I have been playing this "dressing" game - well, he more plays it with me and I patiently let him play it. After he gets out of the bath, he doesn't want to lay still while I put lotion on him and dress him. So, he gives me enough time to get a diaper on him and then he runs out of the room. I hear his little footsteps getting further away and then seconds later, I can hear his footsteps getting closer. He bursts into the room laughing and gives me a big bear hug and then turns back around and runs out again. This continues for several minutes. So each time he runs back into the room, I have the lotion / article of clothing ready to hurry and put on him before he runs out again. I can only get lotion / clothes on one body part at a time (i.e. lotion on arms one time, then legs, then face / shirt one time, then pants, etc.) but he ends up having lotion and clothes on him in the end. It takes a while to get him dressed this way but it's an entertaining way to do it - and it makes him happy.

He tries to go down the stairs forward. He can't do it by himself yet, so I stand in front of him and hold one of his hands and he holds the wall with his other hand and he does pretty good. It makes me nervous but he's getting better at it and eventually he'll be able to hold the rail, so that will help him.

He had a couple of "first" experiences in the last couple of months. He went bowling in April and went to the zoo a couple of weeks ago. The bowling experience was a little "iffy" at first because he didn't know what was going on and it was really noisy. But after we let him try for himself, he loved it! The zoo was also fun for him. He was more interested in the large animals that he could recognize, rather than the small little animals. He saw a momma and a baby elephant (and he even made the sound when he saw them), a rhino, some giraffes (Josh taught him how a giraffe eats - I'll try to post the video later), a tiger, monkeys and a lot more, but those were probably his favorites. He did not like looking at the snakes or spiders though - definitely got that from his momma... :P

Some new words he has been saying over the past few months (off the top of my head):

peek-a-boo - SO CUTE... and he even plays it now
mom - FINALLY!
bubble - I love when he says this
pop - refer to above word for the reason why this word is now in his vocabulary
okay - picked this one up from me... apparently I say this word A LOT
blue - at first everything was the color blue, now he'll ask "blue?" - most of the time he's right...
one more, or just more
poo poo - I'm sure this will become one of his staple words over his childhood
wait wait wait - I say this a lot to him too - the kid can't sit still for as long as I need him to! mouse
plenty of sound effects (bleugh - when something's gross, cow "moo," dog "ruff," monkey)

I need to emphasize the word "okay." When he asks me for something, like for instance, a book, he'll say, "Book?" And I'll ask him, "Do you want a book?" Then he'll say, "Okay." The way he says it though is like it was my idea to begin with! He does this with just about everything - from watching TV to wanting crackers! None of these things are usually my idea; I'm just repeating what he's telling me in question form! The way that he says "okay" though... It's the cutest thing ever and I find it hard to deny him, well, any and everything he wants when he does this. Man, does he know how to work me over!

I have more to post but I figured I should split this post up... just in case you're getting bored of me rambling on about the cutest little boy ever! But... why would you have gotten this far if it was boring? AHA! :P