Saturday, January 31, 2009

Josh's New Job

Josh started his new job last Monday! He now works for Primary Children's Hospital in their IT department. It is such a blessing because it will be a steady job and will allow us to get cheap insurance for our family. I don't think you can get better insurance pricing than working for IHC! And this job provides opportunities for Josh to move up, instead of just being stuck as a "peon." Definitely awesome! :D

Hunter Update

I have been very bad and haven't updated this in weeks. Here's what's up...

Hunter is doing well. His head is rounding out nicely and hasn't been to physical therapy in a month. He is going to go back in March though, just to make sure he is still on track.

He is laughing a lot now and thinks that almost everything is hilarious, especially when you scare him or play peek-a-boo. He's also gurgling like Chewbacca, which is hilarious. Sometimes when he laughs, he adds that in too! Very entertaining!

A couple of weeks ago, he ended up with RSV. That was not fun. Thankfully, it wasn't bad enough that he had to be hospitalized but it was pretty scary. He ended up sleeping in the bed with me for a few nights (with Josh on the futon - such a good daddy!) and he slept in his swing next to me for a few nights as well. He ended up only eating half of what he usually eats, which was bad and we could tell he was losing some weight. He ended up being sick for about 2 weeks. I hope that we never have to deal with that illness ever again!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

First Laugh

About a week and a half ago, Hunter started to laugh! The first time he laughed, I was trying to clean out his nose with one of those bulb sucker things. I went to stick it up his nose and told him that I was going to "get his boogers," and he sort of giggled. I wasn't sure if it was one of his little grunts or something, so I didn't tell Josh about it.

The next day, I was changing his diaper and tickled him around the neck. Apparently he is ticklish, so he laughed again! This time, it was unmistakeably a laugh and I realized that the little "grunt" the day before was definitely a laugh. I called Josh into the room and tickled him around the neck again and he started giggling so much! It was so adorable!

Physical Therapy pt. 2

Hunter had physical therapy last week and it looks like everything is going great! They measured his head and the week before, there was a 12mm difference between the flat side of his head and the other side. Just a week later, it was only 10mm! So the exercises we are doing with him are working! I was glad to hear that he wouldn't need to wear a helmet to round out his head because the physical therapy was helping! Hooray! :D

First Christmas

I have been very naughty and haven't posted for a couple of weeks, so I thought I better post something!

Hunter had a great Christmas. He got tons of clothes and new toys from his grandparents, aunts and uncles. Josh wouldn't really let me buy anything for him because he said that he would get a lot of stuff from everyone else, which was true. However, he did let me buy him something that was more of a present for me and Josh... we bought him a baby monitor! He had been sleeping in his bassinet in our room until the night of Christmas and since he got a monitor that day, he slept in his crib for the first time that night! He woke up a couple of times scared because he didn't know where he was at but all in all, he was totally fine in his own room.

Now, about 2 weeks later, he loves sleeping in his room. He has a little aquarium toy that is attached to his crib that plays music and moves. There is a button on the front of it that turns it on and he likes to kick the button in the middle of the night. It's funny, at 6 AM, I'll hear light music over the monitor and have to run in and turn it off before it wakes him up (he's kicked it in his sleep a couple of times...) :P