Thursday, April 1, 2010

Basketball, Words and Nursery

Hunter LOVES basketball. He even says the word "basketball!" Every time he sees a basketball game on TV, he says "ZZZ" - which is how he says "Jazz" - and gets all excited. He'll stop whatever he's doing and sit down / lay down and watch the game. He even recognizes a basketball hoop when he sees one down the street or at grandma's house. The other day, we were playing outside and he noticed that our neighbors a couple houses down had a basketball hoop. He conveniently had his blue plastic ball with him, so he made his way to their basketball hoop and tried to get the ball in the hoop. It was cute seeing him try to throw the ball up there... but sad because he didn't even come close to getting it in the hoop. He'll be able to in a few years though...

He has this little basketball hoop that goes in the bathtub, complete with little basketballs. He LOVES this toy and has gotten pretty good at it. He loves that toy so much that I had to figure out a way he could play with it outside of the bathtub because he kept wandering to the bathroom to play with it - and would whine when his little basketballs got trapped in the bathtub, where he couldn't reach them. So, using my ingenuity, I positioned it on the front of the dishwasher and VOILA - instant basketball awesomeness! :) (I used two smart and interesting words in that sentence - Go AP English! LOL!)

He says Josh! It was a few weeks back when we realized what he was saying and it was so funny! And today, he said Kaylee! It more came out "KEEE" but when I said "Kaylee" back to him, he repeated the "KEEE" word again! Hmmm, he'll say "Kaylee" but not "Mom..." interesting... I tried to get video of him saying my name but he didn't want to cooperate, BUT, I did get video of him saying Josh a few weeks back, so here it is...

He went to nursery at church for the first time! Okay, he had been a couple times before when I taught in there but this time, it was official! It was about a month ago that he went and I ended up just dropping him off and leaving. I had to force myself not to look in the "peek" window after I left because I know how bad that is when the kid sees their parent on the other side of the door. I worried about him the entire time at church - and even checked on him once - but all seemed well and I knew that he was in good hands. Right before Relief Society, one of my friends came up and told me a funny story about Hunter's nursery experience. Apparently, her hubby took their little boy into the same nursery class after I had dropped Hunter off and Hunter thought it was Josh because her hubby is bald with a goatie too! I guess he saw him, walked up to him with outstretched arms and when he realized that it was an imposter, he hung his head and started to cry. Just picturing that situation in my head was heartbreaking but when I went to pick him up after church, he seemed totally fine. He's done pretty well with nursery since then, so I am hoping it stays that way...

He calls for Josh / objects. A few weeks back, I asked him, "Where's dad?" and proceeded to call for Josh in the "calling" tone. He picked up what I was doing immediately and followed suit. Now, whenever I ask him where his dad is or where his ball is, etc, he'll call out for that object and look around for it. It's really adorable. Here's video of that... and the video also shows him walking around with his hands behind his back, like a little gentleman... AND it even includes bonus footage of him doing a very naughty thing that I dislike... :P