Monday, February 22, 2010

Update part 1

I haven't posted the happenings of Hunter for almost a month, so I thought I better blog this stuff before he moves on to "greener pastures..."

He makes animal sounds on command! I'll ask him "What does an elephant say?" and he'll make the appropriate "blow" noise! It's adorable! Others that he'll do when asked are a snake ("ssss"), a duck (remember the post about his "duck growl?"), Cookie Monster (he'll say "cookie cookie cookie" while shaking his head back and forth) and he does Ernie's laugh as well (thanks to uncle Hayden). Yes, I realize that Cookie Monster and Ernie are not real animals but it's still cute... ;) Occasionally, he'll do a sheep sound but it's mostly when he sees a picture of one...

The elephant is definitely his favorite animal sound. Whenever he sees an elephant in a book or on TV, he'll make the elephant noise... He's such a smart little guy!

He has expanded his word knowledge. He doesn't necessarily SAY more words but he definitely understands a lot more. You can ask him to go bring you something and he will and if you ask him to do something, he knows what you're asking. For instance, I'll tell him to go in his bedroom so I can change his bum and he'll go. I'll ask him if he wants to watch a program and he'll go straight to the TV (I call TV shows/DVD's "programs" because my sister called them that when I used to watch her little boy and it just stuck - weird thing to call it, I know...) I can tell him to pick up his toys and put them somewhere and he will. Obviously it depends on what mood he's in if he'll do these things... he does have his free will after all... :P

Some things he has said lately are "a car!" (while looking out the window), "my ball!" (when Josh threw his ball across the room), "oh yeah," "oh no," "ch ch ch ch pow!" (like how Lightning McQueen says it - obviously he doesn't do it exactly like that but it's close), and he says "uh oh" now. That's got to be my favorite because he does the "uh" like you're supposed to but the "oh" is all drawn out. Like "uhh oooohhhhhhh..." Adorable! :D

He does some sign language! He has this Baby Einstein DVD that teaches them words from around the house and it also teaches them sign language as well. I noticed that he was trying to do one of the actions while he was watching it and I figured out that it was "refrigerator." So I would say "refrigerator" and he would do the sign! And today he was watching it and I noticed that he was trying to mimic a sign he saw and it was "tree!" So now, when I say "refrigerator" and "tree," he'll do the actions! Baby Einstein doesn't teach your child...pffft to that!

Well, that's all I have time for today... Hunter just woke up from his nap so we need to practice all of these things! :) I'll try and post the other stuff later... but hopefully not another month later... :P


Liverachi said...

You forgot one other very important word that he can say. Jazz. For some reason he likes to whisper it though, and he draws out the zzzz's. It's funny but he actually likes to watch the games with us. And he recognizes the logos when we wear them. A true Jazz fan through and through.

Kaylee said...

Actually i mentioned that he could say jazz in a post around christmas... But he does enjoy watching the games with us lately... That is definitely worth mentioning!