Thursday, July 23, 2009

My Little Gymnast

Okay, so I know that babies are supposed to be flexible but Hunter gets himself into positions that I'm like, "AHH, don't break anything!" He has quite an arsenal of acrobatic moves... for instance...

The Headstand: He does this ALL of the time. It's one of his signature moves now... Oh, the pic on the trampoline is actually his first time on the tramp (on July 19)... he absolutely LOVED it - as demonstrated with the headstand... :)

The Middle Splits: Even when I danced in high school, I could barely do it that good!

The Lookie Loo: Pretty good camera shot, eh? Mommy's getting better at this stuff! :P

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Shelbi Jean said...

I am seriously thinking gold metal here. This is good stuff.