Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A Lengthy Update

Hunter is doing lots of new stuff, so I thought I better document all of it before I forget...

I mentioned that he was army crawling in a post about a month or so ago. Well, a few days after I made that post, he decided that army crawling was for wimps and upgraded to the real thing. So for the past month he's been cruising around the house; improving his crawling skills and getting FASTER. He is now to the point where when he is on his way to play with something that he shouldn't be playing with, if I say "Hunter Nielson!" he will totally book it towards the forbidden item as fast as he can!

He's also figured out how to pull himself up onto things in the last week or so. He's still trying to figure out the whole balance thing, so he's ended up with quite a few bumps and bruises. I hope that people realize that he's in the stage where he's going to fall down a lot and get bruises and that I'm not beating him or something... I blame gravity!

He's been jabbering a lot more lately. It seems like he knows what he is saying and we just can't understand him. He is also getting better at recognizing things by name - like he knows what "light" is and when I ask where the light is, he'll look up and sometimes point or wave at it. That may be because for the past few months, I have been letting him flip the light switch on and off, so I'm sure he's heard the word "light" more than anyone ever wants to... :P

Also, he's been "singing" right after he wakes up in the morning for months now. He apparently is so happy to be awake and he lets everyone in ear shot know it! He says, "da da da da" and then makes a fart noise and then screams a little and then a little more "da da da" and "ba ba ba" and then an elephant noise... and well, you get the point. It goes on for about 20 minutes and then he realizes that he's hungry and starts whining. It's very entertaining. Oh, and if you're wondering why I haven't mentioned this before, it's because I realized that I hadn't yet and so I figured better late than never!

He also does this lizard tongue thing. It is so funny! Here's a video of my little lizard... make sure you watch it with sound! :D


Liverachi said...

Phew. I was wondering where all those bruises were coming from. Thanks for clearing it up that it isn't you. I was starting to get worried. :P

Shelbi Jean said...

Cute Post, I liked Josh's comment the best though, it cracked me up.