Tuesday, June 2, 2009

8 Months Old

Hunter turned 8 months old today! I look at how big he's gotten and just think, "how in the world did you fit in my belly?" He is definitely not my little baby anymore...

I've been meaning to post some of the things that he's been doing lately but haven't had the time. So, I'm going to put them all on one post! Scary, I know... but hey, it's MY blog, so get over it! JK... :P

*He finally has enough hair to sport a Mohawk! It's so adorable!

*Preferred mode of movement: Rolling. He rolls around like a champ now. He pivots, scoots and lunges to wherever he wants to go...

*Gets into crawling position and rocks back and forth. He is SO close to crawling, it's scary!

*Sits on his own and can play freely with both hands.

*Sleeps with his butt in the air. LOL!

*Dance move of choice: the pelvic thrust! For a few weeks, he kept doing this pelvic thrust thing when he would get excited. It was hilarious, but for some reason, he doesn't do it anymore. I got a video of it but I'm not going to post it because you can't really see what he's doing in it...

*He mimics me - I started clicking my tongue at him to get his attention while I was feeding him solids and it only took him a week to figure out what I was doing and now he can do it perfectly! I also was pushing my tongue up against my bottom lip to push it out and he's figured that out too! (Video below.) And I also had no idea that when I am being silly with him, I "bobble" my head back and forth... well, he picked up on that as well! I couldn't figure out why he was doing it until I noticed that I did it and then he did it right back! It's our little game now... :D



Liverachi said...

She forgot to mention that he is also really good at squealing like a little girl. Whenever I play with him and he pretends to be scared he gives out a really high pitched squeal. It's pretty funny.

Shelbi Jean said...

What a fun post! That was sweet. I should do one of those for Aubree. What an adorable little guy :)