Sunday, May 3, 2009


Hunter had his first taste of fruit yesterday - peaches. I wasn't technically supposed to start him on fruits until the 6th (one month from when he started veggies) but I figured it was close enough. And I wanted to celebrate him turning 7 months old somehow...

I didn't heat them up at all because I figured that they would taste better colder. They were room temperature, so I thought that would taste okay. I gave him his first taste and he didn't really know what to think. I think he was expecting something warm and bland (i.e. veggies) but this was sweet! The first few bites went like this and with the next few bites, he made some pretty funny faces. But after that, he enjoyed them and kept opening his mouth for more.

When it was all gone, I had to try a little taste of the stuff on the side (for those of you who don't know, peaches are my FAV!) I tasted a little of it and it was WAY tangy! So, room temperature peaches = not so tasty peaches! Lesson learned... but at least he liked them!

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Shelbi Jean said...

I figured you would do peaches as his first fruit. So are you going to serve them cold next time or warm them up? Warmed just doesn't sound to swell.