Monday, May 18, 2009

The Explosion

It was time to have Hunter try a new fruit, so yesterday afternoon I introduced prunes. He seemed to enjoy them and ate them right up. I thought nothing of this choice... until this morning.

After I fed him, he grunted like he was going poop. I knew that he needed to get in the bath, so I didn't immediately change him because I was eating at the time. After I was done, I got the bath stuff ready to go and went to clean him up before putting him in the bath. I open up the diaper and... HOLY COW! There was an explosion in there! It totally looked like a giant chocolate bar had melted in there!

He was wearing some brand new pj's and the explosion spread to those as well but thankfully, I got the stain out of them. I couldn't help but wonder why he exploded like that, but then I got to thinking... prunes... prunes... why does that sound familiar? Old people... prune juice... hmmmm... OH, DUH!

Google confirmed my realization... I guess I somehow blocked out the fact that prunes make you poop! I called the doctor and she basically said that I should keep Hunter away from prunes for casual eating... but that I could use them in dire situations, i.e. when he's constipated...

When I was searching for answers on Google, I ran across this article (<---click here) and I was laughing hysterically while reading it because it hits the nail right on the head! Hopefully Hunter only has one blow-out and not several like the article mentions... but I guess we have the rest of the day to find out! :P


Liverachi said...

I do not think for a minute that Mother Nature intended this level of goodness.

Best quote from that article.

Times like these I don't mind being at work all day.

Kaylee said...

Yeah, I bet... well, lesson learned!

Shelbi Jean said...

Josh really hits it straight on the head huh? Those stinkers at work, while we get the stinkers at home :)

Kaylee said...

LOL! Very true Shelbi! One of these days, Hunter will get Josh back for that comment for me... :P