Sunday, March 7, 2010

New Tricks

Hunter has some new tricks and some firsts! Here's the update...

He nods his head "yes!" For quite a while, he has been shaking his head "no," whether to be silly or to just simply say "no." Well, now's he has another option - yes! We were sitting at the dinner table and Hunter was shaking his head "no" at Josh and Josh told him to nod "yes" and showed him how it was done. Hunter is getting really quick at picking things up lately, so he responded right back to Josh by nodding his head "yes" too! I got video of it... it's so adorable! I love his facial expression while he does it!


He does the "lizard tongue"... again! He used to do this months back but moved on to other things. Well now he thinks it's fun again! Again, I got a video of it because I love it!


He says, "Dad...oh yeah!" He sort of whispers it, so that makes it even cuter... Of course I got a video of that too. It's towards the end of the video around 53 seconds...


He played outside for real for the first time! Of course I took him outside when he was a baby and let him crawl around in the grass, but he finally was able to play outside like a big boy because he can walk now! We went over to our neighbor's house and played with her little boy (who is a month younger than Hunter). We let them just walk around on the sidewalk and check out their surroundings. My neighbor even has a sandbox, so he tried that for first time too. He wasn't sure about it when I put him in there at first but then he realized how fun it was and thought it was a blast! He stayed pretty stationary though - so he didn't have to get too dirty... He really doesn't like anything on his hands - whether it's sand or food. That's probably my bad because I've always tried to keep him so clean! But he's a little boy, so I'm sure he'll grow out of that... :P

He played his first video game! My nephew was over at my house playing Mario Kart on the Game Cube and I was playing with him. Hunter enjoyed watching the little cartoon characters move around on the TV but then he decided he wanted to try too! So, he whined at me to let him sit on my lap and I of course gave in. The next thing I knew, he was grabbing at the controller and wanted to steer! I had to hold down the accelerate button so he would move but I let him control where the car was driving. He ended up driving in the wrong direction for most of the time but he seemed to enjoy himself... After he got bored with that, I let him have the controller by himself and let him go at it.


Renee said...

Hunter you are soooo cute. I love the Yes video.

Liverachi said...

One of Hunter's favorite things these days is going outside. He can be in a screaming rage but if you ask if he wants to go outside he calms down immediately. He usually goes and grabs a jacket and/or his shoes at that point. Can't wait till he's running and wants to play soccer!