Sunday, October 11, 2009

Hunter's first birthday - part 3

After we opened presents, it was time for cake. I had made a cake that looked like a light bulb - to go along with the theme of the party - using a round pan and a bread pan. I cut the bread pan cake in half and used one side for the light bulb and the other for a special cake for Hunter. We gave Hunter his cake and sang to him. I ended up having to blow out his candle because all he wanted to do was touch the flame. I thought he would dive right into the cake, as I have seen several other one year olds do but he didn't! He just sort of looked at it, confused. I gave him a little taste of frosting and he thought it was good but didn't start feeding himself. Instead, he decided that he would smack the cake with the palm of his hand! Everyone started laughing and since Hunter enjoys making people laugh, he continued to beat the cake over and over! It was so funny because he didn't like the feeling of the cake on his hand, so he tried to shake it off everyone once and a while but would then continue to smack the cake. And he was just screaming the whole time! We were all laughing so hard! And boy, did he make a mess! But it was definitely worth it!

As I watched Hunter turn his cake into a pancake, I heard Josh yell, "who wants cake and ice cream?" I looked at the light bulb cake and realized that Josh had cut into it and had started serving it onto plates. I looked at him and said, "Oh PLEASE tell me you got a picture of that cake before you cut into it?!?" He looked at me with wide eyes and was like, "OOPS..." He put the few pieces of cake back where they came from and I took a picture of my now not-so-perfect cake. I had Josh's brother taking pictures during the party and he ran over and said, "JOSH! You cut into it before we got pictures?" Josh felt bad but there was nothing else we could do... I was definitely bummed that I didn't get a picture of my cake in one piece, nor did I get a picture of it with Hunter, but I guess you learn as you go!

Since it was now completely dark outside, the kids decided to go into Hunter's room (where it was REALLY dark) and play with their glow sticks. My dad decided to be the chaperone of this event and the kids thought it was so fun! Josh's brother got really good pics of the glow party in Hunter's room!

After awhile, everyone started to go home. The kids were amazed that they got to keep their glow stick swords and wands and they were very happy to get a present at someone else's birthday party! After mostly everyone was gone, we turned off all of the "lame" lights that we had turned on for present opening and cake and that's when the real party started! My parents, Josh's parents, my niece and a few of Josh's siblings were still at our house and we had a blast! Hunter was being very hyper (no doubt on a sugar high from the frosting) and kept screaming at all of the lights! It was so funny because he pulled himself up to stand at the coffee table and with one hand, he was holding himself up and with the other hand, he raised his yellow glow stick in the air and just screamed! It was like he was screaming, "All hail the king of lights!" It was hilarious! Josh's dad was really enjoying the disco ball and the 70's club feel that we had going on, so he decided that he wanted to liven things up! He pulled out his phone and started playing some Beegees music on speaker! It was awesome!

It was getting way past Hunter's bedtime, so everyone left. We turned off all of the lights and put Hunter to bed. He was very tired from his big day, so he went right to sleep. Josh and I made no attempt to clean up because it was a disaster... so we ended up going downstairs (where it was clean) and watched a movie. It felt good to relax and not worry about baking or decorating or entertaining guests. Man, throwing a cool shin-dig takes a lot of work! But it was worth it because it was a very fun party and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves! So it was a SUCCESS! :D


Liverachi said...

Yeah hopefully the next birthday isn't so overboard. It was fun, just a lot of work.

Shelbi Jean said...

Way to go Kaylee! (and Josh too I suppose :) Josh-see that is what you think (your comment) but now you are on a roll and little Hunter will now EXPECT bigger and better things each year. You are doomed... No, what a great day, I wish we would have made it! Kaylee, even though ahem "someone" cut your cake before you took a picture- the cake was AWESOME!