Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Lights and Climbing

Last month I mentioned that Hunter knows what a "light" is and would sometimes point at it... Well, now he LOVES lights! When we ask him where the light is now, he starts looking up and around and when he finds it, he points right at it! He has gotten so good at flipping the light switch on and off and can do it repeatedly without ANY help! His favorite light in the house is the one right over the front door because there are three different switches that turn it off and on... and that just amazes him! He loves it! If I am carrying him up the stairs and we don't stop to turn on/off the light, he just stares at it and kicks his legs in excitement, like he's saying, "Mom! We gotta turn that on!"

And he climbs up the stairs now! He thinks it's so much fun! He started climbing on things on August 13th... I was on the computer and he was playing on the ground around me. He LOVES the router (because of the blinking lights on it), so to keep him away from it, we put this file box in front of it. That deterred him for a while but then he figured out that he could climb! One minute he's on the floor and the next he's sitting on top of the file box! My mouth just fell open! Thankfully, I had my camera handy while he was in the act! :) He's so freakin cute!


Shelbi Jean said...

Aaaahhhhhhgggghhhh!!! He is SO MOBILE! It freaks me out that your baby is so old and that this is what is lying ahead of me!

Liverachi said...

Yeah wait until she starts grabbing things off the shelves and night stands. last night he grabbed my glasses, which I thought were well away from the edge, and started crawling all over with them.

We also had to move the router and my computer just so they weren't in his play space. Next on the list is figuring out how to relocate either the bookshelf or all the books on it!

Shelbi Jean said...

Oh geeze! What a pain. I just say, close all the doors and let them play with the dust in the hallway and the baseboards :)Baby proofing is ridiculous and mind boggling. Maybe Hunter should come over and I will just watch him and take notes on all the things I should fix before I let her roam around :)

Sandi and Curtis said...

He certainly is growing! Isn't it amazing what God given inquisitiveness we are given to push us forward? He is such a cute little boy!