Monday, August 24, 2009

Books and Words

I haven't posted anything for almost a month because things have been so busy! So, here's an update on some things that have been happening...

He absolutely LOVES reading books! For the past few months, it has been our bedtime ritual to read a few books before he goes to sleep. He's been able to turn the pages for a while and he now has favorite stories which he could read over and over! Some of his favorites are "Buzz Buzz Busy Bees," "Where is PB Bear Going," and anything that has touchy feely stuff on it. It's so awesome to look at his little face while I read the words and he just smiles and laughs... And he even likes reading so much that he'll look at books without me! Like yesterday, after we got back from Josh's parent's house, Josh set him down and he crawled straight to his room and started looking at a book! It was the cutest thing, so I had to document it!

Just to prove how much he loves books, he decided that it would be his first word! A couple of weeks ago, Josh was changing his diaper. To keep his little hands busy and out of the diaper, we usually give him a book to hold. When Josh asked him, "Is that your book?" Hunter then said, "oook." I was in the next room and didn't know what was going on until Josh said, in a normal tone (so he wouldn't distract Hunter), "If mommy would quietly come here, she could hear you say 'book...' " So, I walked up to where I could hear but Hunter couldn't see me and I heard him say quietly, "oook." I was so excited that I ran in and gave him a kiss and praised him. I tried to get him to say it again but I guess I messed up his "chi" and he wouldn't say it anymore. Josh said that he was saying it a ton before I went in there. Whoops... should've kept my excitement in check for a little while longer...

But, he has said "book" a few times since then and it is so awesome! He has also added "da da" to his vocabulary and I also think that he says, "no no no." I'm not 100% positive if it's "no no no" because it comes out "noy noy noy" but he only does it when he's upset or mad, so I'm thinking that's what he's saying... I didn't think I said "no" to him that much but I guess I have said it enough for him to pick it up... :P

There are lots more things that he's doing but I will try to post those throughout the week, so I don't bombard this blog with a bunch of posts in one day... I guess that's why I should keep up on this stuff!

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Liverachi said...

Oh one other really important thing that Kaylee forgot to mention. Hunter also knows what a dragon is now. He likes to point it out to me and say "Wowwwwww!"