Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sick... again!

I haven't posted for a while, so I thought I should. Hunter is sick... again! He has been sick 3 times in his short little life! This time hasn't been as bad as the times before but it still is not fun. I wasn't going to take him to the doctor this time because it seemed like it was just a little cold but I called the doctor's office just to tell them his symptoms and they thought he might have an ear infection. So, I took him up there (this was Friday).

When the doctor went to look in his ears, I guess there was a bunch of ear wax in there, so he couldn't see very well (I swear I thought I cleaned better in there! Guess not...) So, the doc made me put Hunter's legs hanging over the table and had me push my hips up against them, so he couldn't move his legs. Then he had me hold his arms to his sides, while the doc held his head, so he could fish out the ear wax with this metal hook thing. I swear, I have NEVER heard him cry like that before! Not with me setting him down when he wants to be held, not with shots - nothing compared to this crying! There were little pools of tears on the paper on the table when he got all done - it was so sad, I about lost it. And after all of that, it turned out that he didn't even have an ear infection! Ugh... well, I guess he might be able to hear better now though without all of that ear wax!

On the way back from the doctor's appointment, I decided that I should use my car wash code that I had gotten about two weeks earlier, because it was about to expire. Hunter was asleep in his car seat, so I thought he would be fine. Well, I was wrong... I got the code all put in and was waiting my turn to go in. All of the sudden, Hunter starts choking on his mucus and just starts wailing. There was no way this kid was going to last through a car wash, especially since he had never been in one before, so who knows if he would have liked all that noise anyways! There was a car behind me, so I ran back to her and said that my little one wasn't going to make it through this car wash, so she could just use my code. She asked if I was sure and I said yes because what else was I supposed to do? So, she backed up and let me out and we went home.

When I told Josh and my mother-in-law that story, they asked if I had taken the lady's car wash code in exchange for mine... nope! I wasn't really thinking clearly, so I didn't even think to ask! DUH! Oh well...

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