Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Jumper pt. 2

Hunter has now mastered his jumper - and it only took him a week! They learn so fast! He can actually chew on this little sun teether thing WHILE jumping now! It kinda scares me but he hasn't hurt himself... yet.

So, he has found his new passion in life - JUMPING! He'll jump even if he isn't in his jumper! If you put him in the standing position, as soon as he feels the ground beneath him, he'll start doing the jumping action! And it doesn't stop there... Josh was bouncing him on his knee the other day and he must have recognized that it was similar to what his jumper felt like, so he start bouncing himself on Josh's knee! I got video of that on my camera, so this video should be better quality than the one before... and it's a lot longer... here it is! :)

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Liverachi said...

Yeah Hunter is getting to the age where he likes to do things other then eat, sleep and mess his pants. In addition to his passion for jumping he has also decided that he prefers his dad to hold him and refuses to let me feed him. He's a funny little kid.