Friday, December 19, 2008

Physical Therapy

Hunter went to the physical therapist on Monday. She informed me on the details of his condition, Torticollis. Basically, one side of his neck muscles are tight and the other is weak, so it makes his head turn to one side. Since he has been laying on just the one side of his head the past two months, it has made the right side of his head flat...

The physical therapist gave me a bunch of exercises that we need to do to try to strengthen the weak side of his neck and loosen up the tight side. In doing this, we will hopefully straighten out his neck and round out his little head.

He has to go back every week for the next three weeks to see how his progress is going and learn more exercises. But he was really good for the therapist and let her do whatever she wanted to his little neck. He was even smiling and cooing at her! What a good boy!

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Liverachi said...

This has been a lot of work for both us and his grandmothers. But we have already seen progress. He will look voluntarily to his left now, though not often enough yet. He is also able to hold his head up on his own. Hopefully his head will start to round out more over the coming weeks.