Sunday, December 7, 2008


Hunter was blessed today by Josh. A bunch of our family and friends were able to make it out to the event and it was so great. Hunter was pretty good while he was being blessed... until everyone in the circle started rocking him. He didn't like that so much, so he started to cry (most people didn't hear him, unless they were right next to him, but his mom knows his cry :P ). Josh had to keep himself from laughing, so he had to cut the blessing short. But Josh still did a great job with the short amount of time that Hunter gave him!

Afterwards, we had everyone come over to our house for some breakfast (our church starts at 9 AM... with sacrament first) and it was really yummy! We took lots of pictures to document the special day... and here are some of them!

What a cute little smile!

Four generations of Nielson boys!

Our little family

The blessing circle...

Look at those big eyes!


Liverachi said...

Yeah Hunter was very good before and after the blessing. I guess he didn't like all those guys touching him at once. But it was a great day. Thanks for everyone's help. We both really appreciated it.

Jaime and Dan said...

Congratulations, what a fun day for you all. I like Hunters little smile in the picture with you, very cute!