Sunday, November 30, 2008

First Thanksgiving

Sorry I haven't posted in a week! Here are the updates on our little guy...

He had his first Thanksgiving at my parents house! He was very good and let his mommy and daddy eat the yummy dinner and waited patiently for his turn. :P

The day after Thanksgiving, we went up to Park City to hang out with Josh's family at the condo they were staying at. Because of sleeping situations, I ended up feeding Hunter in the middle of the night in one of the bathrooms! It wasn't too bad, just interesting... and he thought it was interesting as well! He kept looking around, probably thinking, "Uh, mom, why are you feeding me in here???" We had a great time though.

When we got home yesterday from Park City, he decided that he only wanted to sleep for about an hour... in a 10 hour time frame... and only in like 15 minute intervals. Me and Josh tried everything to get him to go to sleep (the swing, the bouncer, a car ride, etc) and we ended up just putting him in our bed with us to sleep. Not the greatest of habits to start but it was the only thing that would work... and he ended up sleeping for 6 hours that night!

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Liverachi said...

Yeah Thanksgiving was fun. Can't wait till next year when he can play more in the pool and around the condo!